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15-Medieval-Combat-Society-0904-ML-02.jpg Thumbnails15-Medieval-Combat-Society-0904-ML-01Thumbnails15-Medieval-Combat-Society-0904-ML-01Thumbnails15-Medieval-Combat-Society-0904-ML-01Thumbnails15-Medieval-Combat-Society-0904-ML-01Thumbnails15-Medieval-Combat-Society-0904-ML-01

Dan Stanberly, a freshman student at Kishwaukee College from Sycamore Ill., takes aim as he battles with his fellow Medieval Combat Society members on the NIU campus. Battles are a way for the members to practice their fighting techniques and improve their skills. All the weapons are made with fiberglass and foam and no player can be struck in the head. Other than this restriction, the rules of fighting is similar to fencing; hits are allowed on the arms, legs and torso.