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Photo by Michelle LaVigne/Creative Services
Senior in industrial management Benito Martinez of Chicago, IL., sees his future heading towards being an entrepreneur and generating business ideas, possibly starting a cafŽ. Martinez likes the idea of a coffee shop that would a relaxed space for people to meet and work. In the meantime, Martinez balances working off campus at Pizza Villa, coursework, social life and the occasional trip back home to visit family. Balance is something Martinez is conscious of. As a sophomore he found himself with a heavier class load and simultaneously more active on campus. ÒI think I forgot how to manage my time,Ó Martinez said. But he learned from the experience. What he found helpful was to sit down with all his schedules and plan out each day. He also recommends that new students get involved on campus. Especially if a student is feeling homesick, he feels being busy can help.

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