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Senior political science major David Raymond of Lakemoor, IL., loves his major. Now. He originally chose to major in physical therapy but his heart wasn’t in it. After a year he felt compelled to switch despite his parents showing incredible concern. “I can’t adequately describe how nervous my mom was,” Raymond said. The biggest worry was what exactly Raymond was going to “do” with a major in political science. By his junior year, Raymond had become more involved in the program. He is now the president of the NIU College Democrats, he’s applying for a legislative internship and he’s been attending the Sandwiches with a Side of Career Advice series which has given him the opportunity to hear from political officials in high ranking positions talk on various topics. Through the mentorship program Raymond works under the guidance of Dekalb County Board Chair Mark Pietrowski. All of these things have sealed the deal for Raymond that he made the right choice in switching. “I followed my gut,” Raymond said. I was happy with political science to begin with but now being given all these opportunities it has made it that much more incredible,” And now his parents are impressed as well. Photo by Michelle LaVigne/Creative Services

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