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15-Band-Camp-0818-ML-05.jpg 15-Students-0818-ML-01Thumbnails15-Band-Camp-0818-ML-0415-Students-0818-ML-01Thumbnails15-Band-Camp-0818-ML-0415-Students-0818-ML-01Thumbnails15-Band-Camp-0818-ML-0415-Students-0818-ML-01Thumbnails15-Band-Camp-0818-ML-0415-Students-0818-ML-01Thumbnails15-Band-Camp-0818-ML-04

Band camp continue their drills and marching at an accelerated pace. Ken Tonaki, a member of the band's visual staff and Pep Band Director (not pictured,) shouts out commands to the participants. The heat appears to be affecting some of the members. "I know it's hot and you're getting tired," Tonaki said. "But I'm not trying to torture you. I'm trying to give you a skill."