15-Adopt-A-Husky-0930-ML-04.jpg Thumbnails15-Adopt-A-Husky-0930-ML-03Thumbnails15-Adopt-A-Husky-0930-ML-03Thumbnails15-Adopt-A-Husky-0930-ML-03Thumbnails15-Adopt-A-Husky-0930-ML-03Thumbnails15-Adopt-A-Husky-0930-ML-03

Photo by Michelle LaVigne/Creative Services
Sophomore speech pathology major Chloe Milot of Washington, Ill. (left,) and sophomore marketing major Elena Quinonez of Santa Claus, Ind., give belly rubs to Xfina, visiting campus from RavenÕs Husky Haven and Rescue located in Sycamore. The 12-kennel rescue brought Huskies available for adoption as a part of the Sigma Nu ÒPet the PuppyÓ event. After paying $2, students were allowed to pet the huskies, and all the proceeds went to the shelter.