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Photo by Michelle LaVigne/Creative Services
Guest services manager Shann Metzger is a first year grad student in accounting from Rochelle, Ill. Through the placement of her master’s program, Metzger already has a job secured in downtown Chicago. But for the past four years, she’s worked in guest services and leaving once she graduates has left her with bittersweet feelings. “I will miss the job dearly,” Metzger said. She said working in guest services has been one of her best experiences at NIU. “My job is exciting because I get to see all the new people coming in,” Metzger said. She added that they always asked about her experience and she loved to share with them. Frequently people ask about NIU being a commuter campus. “I always say it’s what you make of it,” Metzger said. “You can leave and go home and there’s nothing wrong with that. Or you can stay and make friends.”

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