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Freshman Robin Grooms of Des Plaines, Ill., majoring in Environmental Studies, successfully gets her kid airborne during DeKalb Kite Fest. Grooms played soccer when she was growing up and lived near several soccer fields. One windy day it was decided among her and her sister the best thing to do in all this space would be to fly a kite. "This went well until the kite ended up in a tree," Grooms said. Last summer her sister was feeling nostalgic so they bought a kite and did the same thing (eventually ending in the same tree-related result.) Grooms came without a kite to Kite Fest but her father fixed that with an "impulse purchase" at one of the booths on site. Grooms said that she and her sister are very close and values the times she has together with her during visits such as this one. "It was one of the biggest things I worried about with going here," Grooms said. "Missing my sister. She's a good friend."

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