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Photo by Michelle LaVigne/Creative Services
Freshman in biology sciences Nedra Yore of Westchester, Ill., recently participated in the MLK Celebration Week oratorical competition, by accident. What Yore thought was a sign up sheet to get more information about the oratorical competition, wound up being a sign-up sheet. When she found out she was competing, her mother told her there was no way she could back out. So although Yore at first struggled with what to recite having no material specifically from MLK, she found a poem she thought gave a perfect representation of MLK's teachings, and went through with the competetion. The poem, "Somewhere There's is a Poem" by Gina Loring, was a success. "It's relevant to todays society and speaks to the change that we need," Yore said. "It's relevant to what MLK spoke about. I felt it was the perfect poem." For Yore personally, MLK week has been important in uniting everyone. "We can change," Yore said," but it takes everybody. I feel that negativity was taught, but we're teaching a new way for the future."

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