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FINAL: Senior mechanical engineering major Grzegorz Tabaszewski of Darien, IL, stands in front of the “Modular Electric Generator” he worked on with fellow engineering students and presented during Undergraduate Research and Artistry day. The project’s premise came from a desire to provide energy to people who don’t have it. The generator makes energy portable by using water, wind or manual power. Tabaszewski said he learned a lot from other fields of study while putting the generator together, such as the study of aerodynamics and learning about different electrical motors. But one of the best aspects of the project for Tabaszewski was seeing the end result. “Going from a napkin drawing to this massive chunk of aluminum that you see before you,” Tabaszewski said. “And the fact that we can make electricity from nothing. From the wind passing by.”
Tabaszewski is the treasurer of the NIU BAJA SAE team, where students build an off-road buggy and compete against 100 other schools every year. “It was a long and hectic process, but we managed to come together as a team and submit an amazing vehicle. This year our team managed to get the 43rd place and competed in every event, which was a success in our book because we have not done that in the past three years. Tabaszewski is also a part of the NIU Society of Women Engineers organization where they spread awareness about how women are a crucial part of engineering. “SWE is also a great way for showing girls in elementary schools that they can become engineers, which is amazing because we as an organization get to inspire new minds into a field that they normally would not consider,” Tabaszewski said.
After graduation, Tabaszewski is getting married in October to his fiancée, Natalia Golas, and is planning on obtaining an HVAC engineering position. “I'm an engineering student so I'm living proof that REDBULL does give you wings to get all of the assignments done.”