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FINAL: Philosophy professor Dr. Mylan Engel Jr., hands over a bag filled with food while participating with his Philosophy of Food class in a "Feed My Starving Children" packing event. This is the first time the service-learning class has been offered. It looks at the topics of ethical issues pertaining to food, such as global hunger, ethical production and sustainability. With the hands-on approach taken with a service-learning class, the class has also volunteered at the NIU greenhouse, planting seeds that they will later be planting in the NIU Communiversity garden. The class is helpful for students majoring in philosophy, environmental studies and nutrition, however, it has students with various majors. Dr. Engel says the class stems from the idea that we interact every day but rarely reflect on our food, where it comes from or whether we are supporting ethical eating. We eat habitually.

“It’s interesting,” Dr. Engel says, “something so intimate, that we put into our bodies, but we don’t think how it impacts the planet, our bodies, our lives.”

After the class has completed an activity, they fill out a service-learning reflection where they state what they learned, how it made them feel and how what they learned relates to the course material.